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December 8, 2012
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Being blind made her vulnerable. Innocent to all the evilin the world. Oblivious to all the chaos there was. It made her shy. Despite being blind, she was always able to see the good in people. Some people? They weren't good. That's where he came in. He wasn't good, yet he still protected her. Something about her made him want to protect that innocence. He wanted to preserve her purity, so she wouldn't have to witness the crueties of the world, like he did. The last thing he wanted was to see her hurt. His name? Alfred F. Jones. His mission in life? To protect [First Name] [Last Name].

"Hey! I'm home." Alfred called, entering his small, trashy apartment. He made his way to the living room. "Welcome back, Al..." [Name] greeted in a whisper. She sat on the floor of his living room, a small music box in her lap. One of Alfred's old trinkets. "Is that what ya do all day? Sit on the floor listening to that stupid music box?" He asked, sprawling out on the couch behind the girl. She simply nodded in reply, her hnds tracing the engraved designs on the box. Alfred sat quietly, memorizing every feature about her. Her [length], silky [hair color] hair. Flawless [tone] skin. Her dull [eye color] eyes that would never be able to see anything.

A question from the girl pulled him from his thoughts. "What?" He asked, snapping out of his trance. A small giggle escped her lips as she repeated the quetion, "I asked you what you do every day. You're always out somewhere for so long." Alfred glnced over at his discarded baseball bat in the corner of the room. The nailsthat were stuck in the top of the bat were drenched and stained with blood from various people he had 'taken care of'. The young man cleared his throat and lied, "I play baseball with a couple of my friends. [Name] gave a small smile. "Well, I'm glad to hear that you're having fun..." She whisprered, more to herself than to him.

Alfred merely stred at her. Ever since he met her out on the streets, she had always been so shy towards him. And yet she was the only person to show him kindness in this unforgiving world. He wanted better for her. Of all the people she had to be involved with, it just had to be him. He was a criminal. He was a murderer. A heartless creature bound to life of crime and killing. Someone like [Name] should have never met him. Someone like her deserved better. She was like a delicate flower, and he was a good for nothing weed.

"Why do you even choose to stay with me? You know I'm lying. You know I'm no good for you. You should just run away." Alfred asked, the anger in his voice rising. He was mad. Mad at himself for ever taking this girl in. Mad at her for being so foolish as to trust the likes of him. There was a long silence between the two.

"Because...I...I love you..." [Name] said, the blood rushing to her cheeks. "You don't even know what I look like..." Alfred said, bewildered by her confession. Her smile, her sweet, innocent smile, never left her lips. "Love is blind." She stated simply. Red orbs stred at the ground guiltily. She shouldn't love him, he wasn't good. Aside the guilt, there was another feeling that washed over him. Is this what love felt like? Warm and pleasant?

A loud bang came from the front door as it was knocked down. "Damn..." Alfred muttered as numerous policemen barged into his apartment. "A-Alfred...? Wh-What's going on...?" The worry in [Name]'s voice was prominent. Alfred stood up and pulled the girl close to him. "I guess...I love you too, but [Name]...? You deserve better than this....better than me." The cop came in and pulled the two apart, a shocked expression on [Name]'s face. One held her back as another handcuffed Alfred. "Take good care of her." He called as the policement escorted her away to a better place. Tears fell from [Name]'s eyes, not wanting to be seperated from her dear friend, the man she had fallen in love with. But she was helpless. "Alfred F. Jones, you are under arrest for the murderof Matthew Williams and Arthur Kirkland. Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law..." The cop began in a strong, German accent.

[Name] sat in the poliece car, waiting to be escorted to a better home. But her home would always be with Alfred. "I love you, Alfred," She whispered, "I really do..." As Alfred sat in the back of the poliece car, he smiled bitterly. "A guy like me doesn't deserve a girl as innocent and kind as you.." He said, staring out the window as her car drove off.
I think I completely butchered 2P!America. It's my first time writing about him, PLEASEDON'TKILLME.

Ahem...Let's hope that wasn't too angsty? /shot

Hetalia (c) Hideki Himaruya
You (c) Alfred FUCKING Jones Momma Russia
That sexy German cop Everything Else (c) Me
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